What Is The Difference Between Sales And Marketing?

A marketing concept is basically a unique approach that marketing agencies and companies that work for firms, design and apply in order to meet clients’ demands, maximize profits, meet client requirements and beat their competitors or outpace them. This concept focuses on providing, first, a unique, effective product or service to the targeted market segment and, second, developing an efficient promotional strategy. The second step, of course, implies taking into account the right marketing tools and frameworks in the most cost-effective manner possible. While all these are necessary, the most important part of this concept is marketing itself – the concept and how it should be practiced in the most creative and compelling manner possible. Below are some tips for creating a marketing concept:

To start with, one should understand what the purpose of the marketing concept is. What is it for the company? How is it going to serve the purpose? Is the market segment defined by the firm or the client? In general, market segments that marketing professionals generally use are the consumer, the corporate sector and the professional/service sector.

In each of these cases, the goal of the marketing concept must be to make the product or service more accessible and understandable to potential customers. The first step in realizing this goal is to analyze what potential customers need, what kind of problems they face and what kind of services they want. This analysis will also help define the target audience. Finally, the marketing concept must recognize the key stakeholders and know exactly how it is going to make its impact on them. All these things come together and form the concept itself.

Now that we know what the concept of marketing is and what it is supposed to do, let us move on to some examples of marketing concepts. One of the most popular types of marketing is the mass production concept. With mass production concepts, the marketing strategy revolves around increasing production to achieve a higher market share. The key to attaining this objective is to reduce costs while satisfying customers. While some have tried to reduce costs by outsourcing, this concept has failed to catch on because of the inherent problems with such an approach.

The mass production concept concentrates too much on quality rather than providing a value-added service. Hence, the concept has been seen to fail miserably when customers’ needs are not properly met. Such a practice robs customers of being involved in the production process itself. Instead of being satisfied with the final product, they end up sour on the whole concept of marketing. When this happens, it is difficult for companies to retain customers and increase their profits.

On the other hand, the social marketing concept is focused on the actual interaction between the seller and the consumer. In this concept, the selling process is done on a consumer-seller platform, much like that of eBay. Here, the seller acts as a customer service rep. This concept has proven to be very popular with both marketers and consumers and should therefore be given equal consideration when implementing marketing strategies.

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