Management Fundamentals

The Management Fundamentals class is an introductory course to management, which teaches managers the tools needed for effective management. It combines theoretical information with practical application. Students will use their own experiences and research to apply the knowledge they have acquired to typical junior management situations. This course teaches a balance of hard and soft skills, including communication, problem solving, negotiation, planning and organization, time management, and co-ordination. This course teaches management skills that are needed in many areas of an organization.

This course provides the fundamental skills necessary for new managers and supervisors. Only employees with direct reports are eligible to take the course. Previous completion of the course is not required, and the certificate is your acknowledgment of your commitment to the management development process. There is no substitute for management training. However, it’s important that new managers understand the importance of management fundamentals, because it will make them more effective leaders and managers. The book is written by award-winning professors, including Peter Cappelli and Mike Useem.

As the title suggests, this book covers the foundations of management, from its history to its present day. As a result, management fundamentals is a key component for success in any organization. It explains the role of the manager in leading the organization, the skills needed for financial management, and the importance of performance management. This book also includes information on public relations, advertising, and sustainability. It includes ethical guidance. The book is designed for both new managers and seasoned managers. It covers public, private, and social sectors.

Students also gain practical project management knowledge. This course covers the elements of sound project management, including project politics, measurement, and closure. The course also includes a review of the project management body of knowledge and powerful techniques for developing project ideas. These fundamentals are helpful for students in their first project, and will increase their overall project management skill set. It is also possible to earn a Credly badge for completing the course. If you want to further your education, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to excel in any project management job.

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