Customer Service – 3 Important Qualities of Customer Service

Giving great customer service is not always easy to do. Especially if the customer doesn’t want to do business with you anymore. But customer service is an important part of any business. There are some simple things that you can do that will show you care about your customers. Follow these tips to prove to them that you care:

Follow all of your service guidelines and policies. Giving out poor quality service guidelines or policies defeats the purpose of having them. In other words, it doesn’t let the customers know that they are welcome in your organization. Making customers feel like an unwanted guest in your organization defeats the very purpose of having them. Therefore, it is important that you follow every guideline and policy that are set forth in your employment manuals, employment policies, and hiring procedures.

Enlist the help of your employees. You can build a better customer service program by tapping the various expertise that is working within your organization. You can get ideas from your sales people and marketing department. Make it easy for your sales people to engage customers by giving them a specific task that requires a certain level of customer service. For example, if your customer service is insistent on having shoppers write down the make, model, and color of their purchases at the time of their check-out, your sales person may have to take the initiative and do this.

Give customers a reason to come back. One way to build customer service is by ensuring that you never, ever give customers a reason not to come back. Always offer something of value to your customers. Make sure that your prices are reasonable, but that you also provide additional value. For example, if you are offering free shipping, you may want to consider offering a discount or other form of incentive so that people continue to patronize your store.

Work on your people skills. Customer service isn’t just about being polite. In order for you to be successful at pleasing customers, you need to be a good representative of your company. This means being friendly, but more importantly, it means understanding how to handle different personalities. Learn how to put others at their ease by implementing the following action steps. If your customer calls to discuss their problem, respond with an appropriate attitude.

Be professional in all your dealings with customers. Being professional means taking into consideration things such as dress, grooming, and mannerism. The entire point behind customer service is being a good communicator. So, if you are dealing with someone on a one-on-one basis, being overly professional may not be the best idea. In order to develop the 3 important qualities of customer service, focus on implementing them throughout your business.

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