Business Transaction Statistics

For detailed business transaction statistics, use the workload monitor. This report calculates the total system resource use for individual transactions. You can view the details of each transaction with the dialog steps. You can select a user, transaction, or program to analyze. The report also includes the start time and date. If you are curious about the amount of time each transaction takes, you can also choose to see an overall average for all of the transactions. If you want to learn more about the workload, see the BIZCOMPS(r) studies.

You can also view the business transaction metrics of each service. For example, a Transactions dashboard displays all transactions in an organization’s service environment. This report includes separate reports for Oracle(r) E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. The reports summarize the overall transaction information for your chosen environment. It also displays the number of transactions in batch jobs. You can configure the dashboard to display specific targets. To see the total number of transactions, you can filter it according to environment.

Information technology operations use real-time transaction data to diagnose performance problems and fix service disruptions. Real-time transaction data also helps you understand product adoption and buyer behavior. You can improve your service offering to meet customer needs and boost profitability. The data is also invaluable in the business analytics world. Whether it’s online or offline, the power of business transaction statistics is undeniable. Just keep in mind that it is not enough to compile statistics of each transaction.

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