4 Basic Office Copier Maintenance Tips

An office copier is a piece of essential office equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. Ignoring regular maintenance can be painful for the finances of the business. Even if you acquired your machine through a copier leasing agreement that includes repairs by the lessor, it is possible that this could still result in delays. Imagine waiting for your lessor to make the repairs when you need to make copies of a document that has a deadline? In both cases, copier buying or copier leasing, the proper care of your photocopier machine is essential to reduce your frustration and to keep the business running. Our Tampa copier leasing company can help you find the best solution for your business.

You should bear in mind that unnecessary calls for copier maintenance cannot only add more costs but also bring delays to your work. Save your business operation and money issues by following these simple copier maintenance tips from the time you use your machine:

  1. Utilize quality paper and load it properly.

You can avoid shavings, dust, and debris when you prefer to use quality paper. You should also take care of your bonds of paper. Store them in a dry area. Also, make sure that when you load them at the feeder or the tray, you do not force them. You must make sure as well that the papers are not wet or dirty when inserting them. These things are essential internal maintenance measures.

  • Regularly clean the photocopier glass and its slit glass. Also, use it properly.

Use nonabrasive cloth in regularly cleaning the copier machine’s glass. In doing so, you can slightly damp it with glass cleaner and not directly spray it onto the area to be cleaned. When using the glass for scanning or copying, make sure that the paperclips, staples, and other metallic objects that may be attached to the papers are removed. This reduces the risk of scratches. Note that these scratches can result in lines or marks on your copies.

Also, include in your cleaning the slit glass area of the copier machine. This is the smaller piece of glass that can be found under the main and the larger piece of glass of the copier. It is only an inch wide. Clean this often because this can produce very visible lines on your copies.

  • Regularly remove dust from the ink cartridge head.

When you buy your ink cartridge, there are instructions on proper use. Follow them and do not forget this tip too. Make sure that you clean dust from the ink nozzle or its head. You can simply use a small cotton swab that is slightly wet with isopropyl alcohol or water.

  • Regularly clear the dust from the inside and outside of the machine.

You can do this simple copier maintenance tip every day before the day starts. Clear dust from the machine using a fine-haired paintbrush. It is better if it is small so you could easily use it.  Clean the ink cartridges, paper trays, the internals of the copier, and the other spaces even if these are not commonly utilized.

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